Spanien, um genauer zu sein, Teneriffa ist unsere Wahlheimat. Die Peninsula, wie die Canarios zu Spanien sagen, hat viel an Geschichte und Kultur zu bieten.
- Andalusien mit den geschichtsträchtigen Städten Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada, Cadiz oder die vielen
  "Weißen Dörfer",
- die großen Städte Madrid und Barcelona,
- der Norden mit Bilbao, León und Pamplona,
- die Küste von Barcelona bis Málaga, 
- die Weingegenden, wie Rioja, Kastillien-La Mancha und mehr 
- Die Aufzählung zeigt schon das Leben ist zu kurz, um alles zu entdecken!

Schrittweise berichten wir über Spanien, jeweils bedingt durch unsere Reisen.

Leider hat Covid-19 uns allen ein Strich durch die Rechnung gemacht! Wir hoffen, dass wir wieder unsere Reisetätigkeit aufnehmen können, und das hoffentlich bald.

Ein Land mit vielen Facetten

Wir haben das Glück, daß Kate und Kostas mit ihrer Webseite JustBookTheTicket"
uns einen Gastbeitrag über Barcelona zur Verfügung stellten
Ευχαριστώ πολύ

"Fell in love with Barcelona"


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Fell in love with Barcelona

After visiting Catalonia in Spain, we realized that is not difficult to fell in love with Barcelona, its people and its culture! The architecture, the chill vibes, and the food were the things that we loved the most.

Things to know


Spain is in the Schengen Agreement and the European Union. Citizens from the European Economic Area and in general European Union, do not need a visa to visit the country. The same applies to the rest of Schengen’s members. Otherwise, you should check in the Migration and Home Affairs section of the European Commission’s website for countries that are part of an exception.

For applying for a visa in Spain you should visit the official website here.


The weather in Barcelona, as a classic Mediterranean city is not extremely hot neither cold. It is balanced and makes you want to stay there whatever is the season. Humidity is a little bit hight during the summer months but definitely is not like Malaysia and Singapore. It is not that weird that in Singapore are simulating the Mediterranean climate as an attraction!

Best time to visit

Barcelona has a tourist flow of tourists all over the year. From 500k in the winter months up to 750k during the summer months. The difference is not that big by numbers but for sure you will notice it in the queue lines. Do you want to avoid the crowds? Book your tickets between October and March and you may even visit some of the beautiful skill resorts nearby!

Currency and budget

From the 1st of January 2002, Spain is part of the European Monetary Union and Euro (€). If you avoid the “very” touristic places for launch and dinner, Barcelona is not that expensive destination. A good prediction for your daily budget is around 70€ per couple.


The official languages in Barcelona are Catalan, Spanish, and Aranese. You will not meet any difficulty though, in communicating in English as probably all the locals know to speak.


The Internet coverage was in high standards during the entire our stay in Barcelona and Catalunya. Having also roaming for free for European’s Union numbers made our life easier as well.

General Information

Barcelona became a worldwide destination after the Olympic Games of 1992 – we all remember the epic torch lighting from the archer in the opening ceremony and of course the Dream team! Barcelona became a worldwide destination because it managed to grab the opportunity and totally upgrade the city.

Using sand from Egypt Barcelona created one of the highlights of the city, the 2 kilometers beach the so-called Barceloneta. At the same time, the infrastructure developed at high rates and the new ring roads solved many of the traffic problems of that time. The city turned much greener while the ponds and fountains got tripled in number.

Manuela in Cádiz

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