Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai is one of the fastest developing cities in the world with 2.1 million inhabitants.
In the 1950s Dubai was a small village in the desert, known as a trading post in the Arabian Gulf until oil was found.

Nowadays it is a busy city, changing its face nearly daily. The small village is now a jungle with hundreds of skyscrapers, an Eldorado for architects, the highest building (Burj Khalifa), Islands showing the continents of the world, a ski slope, huge shopping malls and every type of hotels to be found in Dubai; the list of attractions is endless. 

The city has a modern face but is deeply traditional. Only about 17% in Dubai are Emirati. The rest of the inhabitants coming from all over the world. This gives Dubai the cosmopolitan appearance and a very unique atmosphere that is difficult to be found elsewhere. This multi-cultural society mirrors itself in the culinary experiences oneself can have in Dubai.  

The UAE has strict rules regarding the living in the UAE and Dubai. The sharia law is the basis of the law system. It is advisable to adopt to those rules, after all we are guests in this country.

Port of Call:   Port Rashid - Cruise Port Dubai

Port of Rashid, Dubai’s cruise port can accommodate six cruise ships at any time. The docks are behind another (Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3) and they are connected to the Cruise Terminal. The docks have all necessary facilities a cruise guest could want.  Tourist information, postal services, mall representatives, currency exchange, wi-fi, souvenirs shops and taxi stand (by RTA).

The exit of the port is a few km away from your dock, you are not allowed to wake in the port. To get out of the port is by metered taxi, shuttle bus, mall shuttle bus or by excursion. Dubai's Airport is about 25 min from Port Rashid.

How to get around in Dubai

Dubai Taxis
- are beige and have differnt colour roofs,
- the taxis have meters
- you can find them on the cruise terminal,   hotels,mayor sights, shopping centers or   just stop them on the road,
- most taxi drivers speak English
- there are also Ladies Taxis available,
- call a taxi in Dubai:
- Halla Taxis 04-2080808,

- Careem Taxi, you need to download an app

Dubai Buses

- for information about the Dubai Bus
   System please check:

The Big Bus Dubai

Dubai's Metro System
- the metro consist of 2 lines:
  the Red Line from Rashidiya (near airport) to
  UAE Exchange (Jebel Ali) and the

  Green Line runs from Etisalat Metro Station 
  to the Dubai Healthcare City.

Dubai Buses

- for information about the Dubai Bus
   System please check:

The Big Bus Dubai

Dubai Tram

- links the Metro und the Palm Mono Rail,

  (click on map)

Dubai by Boat


An abra is a wooden boat that links Deira and Bur Dubai across the Dubai Creek. Originally, abras were manned by boatmen using oars — today they are motorised.


The waterbus plies Dubai Creek as well as Dubai Marina, providing a modern water transit service.

Water taxi

Water taxis have more privacy than other forms of waterborne transport and often have amenities such as premium seating. There are water taxi stations along the coast, from Al Mamzar to the Atlantis Resort on the Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai Ferry service

Dubai Ferry travels between Al Ghubaiba and the Marina Station, and all the boats boast the latest in navigation systems. In addition to creating an important link to our transport system, they give passengers and tourists a great view of the Dubai coast and skyline.


Currency : UAE Dirham (AED)

1 USD = 3.67298 AED

1 AED = 0.272259 USD

For other currencies check:


Credit cards are widely accepted, cash US$  are often not accepted, but there are many exchange offices.

Public Transportation (as described before)

Get yourself a NOL card

Check also:

DO's and DONT'S

Statement from the Dubai Government: "Dubai is tolerant and cosmopolitan and all visitors are welcome. However, Islam is a way of life in the city, and therefore tourists should adopt a certain level of cultural and religious sensitivity for the duration of their stay.."
Permitted Customs-Exempted Items for bringing to Dubai

Please take the following serious!!

zero-tolerance policy towards drinking & driving, you can be imprisoned. Other traffic rules are similar as in other countries.
Alcohol consumption

Is only allowed for non-Muslims in licensed
venues, Drinking in public is not allowed. Tourists can not buy alcohol, this is only possible for residents in special shops.


is not allowed in government building, offices and shopping malls.. Smoking is allowed in designated areas and many bars.

Prescribed Medicine 
UAE has strict medication & drug rules. Certain
over the the counter medicines in particular with codeine are forbidden., even for personal use. A specific doctors prescription about the period of use is necessary. However, we would advise not to use it, if not necessary.

Unauthorized medicines:

Social Ethics
Avoid any type of improper behavior , it can lead to fines, imprisonment and deportation.

Dress code

Be appropriately dressed when visiting any public place. Cover tattoos, topless or nudity and topless sunbathing is strictly forbidden.


is classed as incident & provocative 

Sexual Relationship & Unmarried couples cohabiting

outside of marriage is illegal. Guys and lesbians should be especially careful as homosexuality it is a criminal offence , which can end up in deportation.

Holding Hands

is tolerated by married couples, but kissing, hugging or showing affection in public is considered as an offence.

Respect of religion

Any disrespect towards religious beliefs or practices is considered offensive and may result in a heavy fine and/or imprisonment. 

Drugs  (Link : List of Restricted Medication in the UAE)

 are strictly forbidden. Consuming or having drugs, including what is in your blood-stream, (even if you are on transit!!!) results in 4 year imprisonment and deportation.

Some medicines (accepted in other countries) containing psychotropic substances are also forbidden.

Links regarding the subject
Gulf News
That Dubai Site

Police             999 (emergency) 
                         901 (non-emergency)

Ambulance   998 / 999

The number 999 can be called from any telephone. The operator will speak English. Describe the nature of the emergency and follow instructions given.


Here is a selection of hospitals near the cruise terminal
(we do not give any recommendation!)

Click on the names in bold to go to the corresponding homepage or copy the link.

International Modern Hospital Approx. 0.61 KM away,  
Appointments : +971 4 406 3000,  Emergency :+971 4 406 3333; 
Port Rashid Road, Al Mankhool Area, Bur Dubai

Gps Co-Ordinates Latitude:25.248779 Longitude : 55.283505


Aster Hospital - Dubai, approx. 6.5 km Address: Kuwait Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Telephone: +971 4 398 8799  Website:


+971 4 336 7777, CALL CENTER  +971 4 377 550019th Street, P.O. Box 5566, Dubai, UAE ; 



Aster ( Shindagha), Pharmacies, Approximately 0.74 KM away

Address : Al Ghubaiba Road, Inside Carrefour Super Market - United Arab Emirates

Aster ( Union ), Pharmacies, Approximately 0.90 KM away

Address : Al Raffa St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

More Health related Info's AngloInfo

Beaches in Dubai

Dubai is the perfect winter destination due to its climate in the winter, in the summer it is very hot on the beaches, but in the early morning and the late afternoon you can jump into the water. Don't forget your beach shoes, otherwise you might, unintentionally, dance at the beach with hot foot. 

List of Beaches:

The Beach (JBR), The Island (The World), Kite Beach, Sheraton Jumeirah Beach(JBR), Barasti Beach (JBR),

Al Sufouh BeachUmm Suqein Beach (near Burj Al Arab), Mamzar Beach Park , Jumeirah Open Beach.

Most of the Hotels on the Palm and along the coast have their own beaches, but you have to pay to get in.

For more detailed information about the beaches please check the Beach-Inspector website.

Places of Interest - Dubai

Etihad Museum,
 Google Maps, 5.7 km, approx. 11 min

Etihad Museum,
 Google Maps, 5.7 km, approx. 11 min

Etihad Museum,
 Google Maps, 5.7 km, approx. 11 min

Etihad Museum,
 Google Maps, 5.7 km, approx. 11 min


Etihad Museum,
 Google Maps, 5.7 km, approx. 11 min

Burj Al Arab

Google Maps, 25.5 km, approx. 32 min, Streetview


Madinat Jumeirah

Google Maps, 25.7 km, approx. 33 min,Streetview


Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah

Google Maps, 35.4 km, approx. 39 min, Streetview

Dubai Marina

Google Maps, 31.8 km approx. 36 min, Streetview


The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

The Beach JBR

Google Maps, 31.8 km approx. 36 min, Streetview

Dhow Wharfage

Google Maps, 13.4 km approx. 22 min, Streetview


A good information source about Dubai is the website from the  
Dubai Corporation of Tourism & Commerce Marketing.
Hier you will find nearly everything you want to know about Dubai.
just click here


Shopping Malls Dubai

Wikipedia offers a comprehensive list of Shopping Malls in Dubai with links to more information about the mall.

Our suggestion for cruisers with a limited time-frame is:

1. The Dubai Mall with the Burj Khalifa and the The Dubai Fountain 

2. Mall of the Emirates with Ski Dubai

3. BurJuman Centre 

4. Mercato Shopping Mall (like going to Italy)

5. Wafi City (like a trip to Egypt) 

To go to the Mall, either using a Shuttlebus from the port und a taxi. The distances (for example Port to Dubai Mall=13 km) are not big, however the traffic can be horrendes and Stop & Go in the rushhour is normal.

Dubai Mall                                            13,0 km, 24 min

Financial Centre Road - Downtown Dubai - Dubai -  

Phone: 800 382246255

Mall of the Emirates                          24,5 km, 30 min

Mall of The Emirates - E11 Sheikh Zayed Rd -

BurJuman                                              7,9 km, 19 min

Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd, Dubai,Phone: 04 352 0222

City Center Deira                               12,9 km, 26 min

8th St - Dubai, Phone: 04 295 1010

Festival City Mall                               14,5 km, 25 min

4 3a St - Dubai, Phone: 800 332

Ibn Battuta Mall                                36,0 km, 37 min

Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai -Phone: 04 362 1900

Dubai Marina Mall                           13,0 km, 32 min

Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai -Phone: 04 436 1020

Mercato Shopping Mall                     9,3 km 19 min

Jumeirah Beach Rd - Dubai, Phone: 04 344 4161

Wafi Mall                                            10,6 km 23 min

Oud Metha Rd - Dubai,Phone: 04 324 4555

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park    23,1 km 30 min

Office No. 213, Bldg No 4, 4th Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai, Phone: 04 362 7777

Gold Souq & Spice Souq                                         11,0 km, 22 min

26 34 St - Dubai ,Phone: 056 622 2982

click on the names in bold to be linked to the  corresponding website

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